Katya Schröder

Katya Schröder


Orchesterprojekt Mayen – Leitung Michael Fuxius (ab 2019, Violine)

POP-Prümer Orchester Projekt/     Leitung: Markus Wolsiffer – ab 2018 Mitglied als 1.Violine PRÜM 



piano meets … -Thomas Probst(piano) +Katya Schroeder(viol.), Yvonne Cobau(voc.), Michael Frangen (tr.) 2018 VULKANEIFEL    



Voc:Alt/Sopran (2017)

W I R – präsentieren: EIGENES +LIEBSTES

Vocals, Violine, Cello, Querflöte ( 2014 -2017 )WIR = Joachim v.Lingen, Heike Nüsperling, Katya Schroeder

E.I.S.= www.erstesimprovisierendesstreichorchester.de

(1990 -2017…überregional) Avantgarde/ Neue Musik/ LandArt/Minimal……Geige, Querflöte, Stimme, Tanz 

SINGKREIS OSTERODE/ HARZ (1.Sopr.+Alt/ 1972-2017)



(Karlsruhe 2011-heute) Musik der Elemente/ Zum Tanzen,Singen und Mitbewegen

Violine,Gesang,Gitarre,Percussion/ allstyle


DRAIOCH FAROISE   (Dietfurt/BY 2015)

Irish Folk Music/ Geige, Querfl./voc

DZÉLEM DZÉLEM  (Karlsruhe 2009-2014) Balkan-/ Klezmer- und Gypsie-Music: Violine,Viola, Voices, Querflöte, Darabouka,Tanz 

PDOPhilharmonic Doctors Orchestra Stimmführerin | Leader 2. Violine

www.pdo.name (2009- 2010) 2.Violine/Stimmführung  

KYARTMUSIC (Karlsruhe 2003 ….-) Soloperformances Stimme/Instrument/Körper Geige,Viola,u.a…..Stimme, Looper, Tanz…

DIE SCHRÄGEN VÖGEL/ Hausband vom THEATER DER NACHT( NORTHEIM 2009 -…. Gastmusikerin: Geige, Querflöte,Stimme)

HAMBURGER ÄRZTE + JURISTEN – ORCHESTER + CHANTAL MOHSENIAN: (Gastmusikerin 2009/Hamburg/Nustrow) 2.Violine

BHAJANGRUPPPEN(2008): Voice, Violine, Percussion, Querflöte

ZEITENWIND (Karlsruhe 2008)Gastmusikerin /Irish & Scottish Folk Geige, Querflöte, Stimme

KAJÓJOKA (Karlsruhe/Rastatt/Mannheim 2007-2008) ways of life/Experimente zwischen Struktur und freiem Flug Geige,
Querflöte, Bassflöte, Stimmen

ELFEN-BEINE-TÜRME (Karlsruhe/Bruchsal/Mannheim…2003 -)(Karlsruhe/Bruchsal/Mannheim) Experimentelle Audiovisionsarbeit /Südfraktion des E.I.S. Geige, Querflöte, Bassflöte, Panflöte, Stimmen

ROTH FAIL (Karlsruhe 2007) From Celtic to Arabic Geige, Querflöte, Bassflöte, Stimme, E-Bass

DIRIJEKA(Karlsruhe 2006/07) Klezmer und Balkanmusik + Gipsyart Geige, Querflöte, Mandoline, Gitarre, Akkordeon, Stimme, Bassflöte

FEMMES VITALES (Karlsruhe 2004/05) Texte, Tanz, Musik, Performance Tanz, Geige, Querflöte, Stimme

RATATUI (Karlsruhe 2003-2006) Klezmer und Balkanmusik Geige, Querflöte, Stimme, Mandoline, Percussion,

TANGO-SALON (Karlsruhe 2003/2004) Theaterstück des Studententheaters KA (Tango-Violine, Rolle: Circe, Scripte)

BIRO (Koblenz 2003) African Drums Drums

STROM (Kassel 2000-2003/2005) Free ways between all /Trancedancemusic Stimmen, Geige, Querflöte

WILDWUCHS (Kassel 1996/97) Ethnoexperiences and free ways Geige, Querflöte, Flöten, Tanz, Stimme, Didgeridoo,Percussion

WILD HEARTS (Kassel 1995) Musik+Dichtung in Performance Geige, Querflöte

STIL-LOS (Paderborn/Kassel 1995) Frauenband/Deutschfolk-Rock Geige, Querflöte, E-Bass, Stimme, Percussion

KIRIT (Berlin 1994) Gastmusikerin Geige, Querflöte

TOUCH OF NOISE (Bielefeld. Gastmusiker E.I.S./Jahresprojekt) Percussion meets E.I.S./Himmel und Hölle Geige

TANGOIKAS (Kassel 1987) Tango Geige

SASSIONE (Hildesheim/Burg Sternberg/Lutter/Kassel/Ungarn 1988/89) =Czardas bis Free Geige, Percussion

INDIA (Kassel 1986) = Indische Ragas with Natives Geige, Viola

PIPELINE (Göttingen/ Kassel 1985/86)  = Jazz-Rock Geige,E-Bass, Viola

KLESMORIM (Göttingen/Nürnberg1982/83) =Klezmer/ Gastmusikerin: Geige

LLEIBEIG (Göttingen1982/83) =Katalanische Musik Geige

PATCHWORK (Hannover 1981/82) =Folk-Jazz Geige, Stimme,Percussion

LODDERBASS (Northeim/Göttingen1980-1982) =Folk (Celtic bis Israel) Geige, Gitarre, Stimme, Mandoline, Flöten, Drehleier, Tuba, Krummhorn, Percussion

JÜRGEN ROSENBAUM ENSEMBLE (Osterode/Göttingen1977-1980) Folk + Zigeunerjazz Geige


UNIVERSITÄTSCHOR GHK KASSEL (Alt/ 1988-1990 + 1997-2002)


BACHCHOR KASSEL (Alt/ 1988-1990)

ESG-CHOR GÖTTINGEN (Tenor/ 1980-1982)





KIRCHEN- u.KINDERCHOR (Sopran/ 1969- 1977)


Oliver Brandt

Oliver Brandt

Oliver Brandt was born in 1996 in Bielefeld and grew up in Riegelsberg near Saarbrücken / Germany. Since age 5 he learnt percussion at the local music school of Püttlingen. From age 7 on he was active in several youth and symphonic orchestras as Bläserphilhyrmony Saar. At age 14 he participated in the performance of Mozart´s Magic Flute with PDO at Wilhelma Theatre Stuttgart playing the tympani.

IN 2011 he won a 1st prize of the Jugend musiziert Saarland competition and participated in the federal level competition. He began playing in local bands and in studio productions for CD recordings.

At age 21 he already finished his studies at Drummers Institute in Krefeld with excellence.

Then he moved to Mainz/Germany and was teachin in several music schools of the Rhine-Main-Area, began his study as Audio Engineer @ HOFA and founded the Rhenum Studios in Wiesbaden.

Hans-Ulrich Brandt

Hans-Ulrich Brandt

Multi-talent – composer, pianist, saxophone player, violinist and more.
Just besides being urologist.

born in 1961 in Bremen he plays piano, saxophone, viola and accordeon and was member of the academy orchestras in Essen, Flensburg and Hamburg as well as in the chamber orchestra in Riegelsberg and Saarbrücken.

Already in his youth he composes musicals, piano music, chamber music and songs.

In 2000 he founded the Tango Quartet “Tango azul” which existed until 2006 – of course some tangos have been inserted in the composed repertoire.

In 2006 he discovered the Moabit Sonnets in the Berlin Wall Museum and being fascinated by them he composed this Lied Cycle which had its world premiere in Berlin 2010.

In 2018 he published his 2nd CD “chamber music” with another recorded recital in the Sulzbach Salzbrunnenhaus.

In 2021 his 3rd CD “pianoforte” is being published collecting his piano composition from 40 years.

Since 1996 Hans-Ulrich Brandt is urologist in his own doctors office in Sulzbach/Saar. He is member of the German, European and US society for urology, board member of the Saarland association of Knappschaftsärzte and in the federal association. He was active in the board of the German association for man and health.

Gina Ries

Gina Ries

Gina Ries, born in 1992, studied musicology in Saarbrücken and Cologne where she got her master in 2017.

Since age 7 she began with music, first flute, then baritone saxophone and bass clarinet. Beginning in her local music band she joined several orchestras as Bläserphilharmony Saar, Symphony Orchestra of the Saarland University and Konzertorchester Koblenz. She also works as orchestra inspector for the Philharmonic State Orchestra Mainz/Germany.

Moabit Sonnets

Moabit Sonnets

lyrics by Albrecht Haushofer
composed by Hans-Ulrich Brandt

LIVESTREAM Saturday of EASTER, 03rd of April 2021 from 19 to 21 hrs MEZ (ECT)

BOOKING no longer possible, event is in the past

The Moabit Sonnets have been written by the political prisoner Albrecht Haushofer who was imprisoned in December 1944 and murdered by the SS on 23rd April 1944. His brother found 80 poems in his jacket and conserved them for the publication in 1946.

See original text and english translation of the sonnets!

The composer and MD Hans-Ulrich Brandt visited the Berlin Wall Museum and was inspired to compose a song cycle of many of the sonnets impressively.

His composition touches several styles as Lied, song, Bossa Nova, spoken texts, recitatives, and instrumental passages. After the premiere in Berlin in 2010 there were many successful performances in the Musich Gasteig Center, Sulzbach Salzbrunnenhaus and other places. The press is enthusiastic about this moving combination of language and music.

The solo bass singer Patrick Simper has performed this cycle and with his black bass voice they are even more impressive. The composer is at the piano and Katya Schröder (violin), Gina Ries (baritone saxophone) and Oliver Brandt (percussion) complete the chamber music ensemble.

The sonnets are being performed in the Centre of Chinese Medicine @ HSCM – Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine under the patronage of Prof. (iba) Dr.med. Henry Johannes Greten ( www.Heidelberg.clinic ).

The proceeds are donated to the foundation of www.Beat-Richner.ch which supports the children hospitals in Cambodia which Richner has built from scratch over 25 years. They are supported by 80 5 with private donations. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beat_Richner

OUR performance as of April 2021:

Former snippets:

performance in Berlin (just one song “mother”)
“The 2 Frogs” with the singer of our LIVESTREAM Patrick Simper www.PatrickSimper.com

Patrick Simper

Hans-Ulrich Brandt

Oliver Brandt

Katya Schröder

Gina Ries

Marc Ellenberger

Wolfgang Ellenberger