Oliver Brandt

Oliver Brandt was born in 1996 in Bielefeld and grew up in Riegelsberg near Saarbrücken / Germany. Since age 5 he learnt percussion at the local music school of Püttlingen. From age 7 on he was active in several youth and symphonic orchestras as Bläserphilhyrmony Saar. At age 14 he participated in the performance of Mozart´s Magic Flute with PDO at Wilhelma Theatre Stuttgart playing the tympani.

IN 2011 he won a 1st prize of the Jugend musiziert Saarland competition and participated in the federal level competition. He began playing in local bands and in studio productions for CD recordings.

At age 21 he already finished his studies at Drummers Institute in Krefeld with excellence.

Then he moved to Mainz/Germany and was teachin in several music schools of the Rhine-Main-Area, began his study as Audio Engineer @ HOFA and founded the Rhenum Studios in Wiesbaden.